Handling your email messages and getting them in a proper order as per your priority emerge as two key important tasks when you want to establish a reliable and powerful business communication. And especially when you are handling communication with multiple clients or other business colleagues, a clean and understandable track record of every communication can make a difference in your business communication.

If you visit Microsoft Outlook support page for additional information about new features and tools included in Outlook email application, there will come a number of specific options that can best be used for business communication.

If we look into its professional aspects, Microsoft Outlook comes in featured with a more powerful inbox, All-in-one calendar management, cloud integration, Shared calendars, and others. But it all depends on your preferences that how you want to make use of these features for your communication. If something happens to be unfamiliar or confusing for your communication, then you can visit Microsoft Outlook official site for support offers technical help and assistance on sending, saving, and tracking emails in Outlook.

Use Maximizer to save your email message

If you have installed Maximizer add-in to your Outlook email app, then you must be familiar with its applications. The tool allows you to save messages using your Outlook Inbox to your Maximizer contacts – just by selecting the option “Save to Maximizer” and get all the messages saved automatically.

If you don’t find the option working properly due to some technical issues in your email application, you would better call Microsoft support service phone number for Outlook to get certified Outlook technicians for support and help services on send, save, and track emails.

Keeping track record of email threads in Outlook

With the latest edition to Outlook email application; it is now easy and convenient to keep a track record of email threads in Outlook application. You can now use “Save and Track” option in your Outlook, you will be able to save the existing messages to the consequent Maximizer contact, but you can also get all upcoming email messages in that thread automatically.

Here once again, you need to set the preference as per your requirements. Contact a reliable Microsoft Outlook tech support service provider and get your new email app personalized in your own way.

Send Email Directly From Maximizer

Another method to keep a track record of your emails, sending email messages directly from Maximizer is always recommended by expert technicians. Here, you don’t need to go to the email application – simply click the address book in Maximizer and it will come up with a dedicated Send Email dialog that lets you to send a message right within Maximizer.

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