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  • Unable to add comcast emails in Outlook
  • Problem setting POP / IMAP account in Outlook
  • Outlook Won't Open Just Says Processing
  • Not able to add gmail account in Outlook
  • Outlook emails not synchronising
  • Outlook Stuck Trying to Connect
  • Outlook 2016 Hangs on Processing
  • Fix Outlook.com Login issues
  • Outlook 2016 Stuck Loading Profile Windows 10
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  • Outlook 2016 Just Says Processing
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  • Windows 10 Outlook 2016 Not Responding
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Outlook Tech Support Phone Number is the key to get Microsoft general and technical customer support service from Microsoft support center. To get instant support all you need to do is to dial the right telephone number in the right format. If you are dialing any Microsoft Outlook support phone number outside your own country, make sure that you enter the same phone number in the “international” format. Outlook users are recommended to use international format for all phone numbers in case they are traveling outside their country. While dialing a phone number for having urgent technical assistance, make sure that you add the country code to phone numbers. It will help you get the right support from the right customer care center whether you are calling from your own country or you are traveling in another country.

You need to add the country code to Microsoft security contact phone number under two different scenarios.

  • If you choose an option to put in the country code automatically in Outlook’s Dialer options.
  • If you don’t choose an option to put in the country code automatically in Outlook’s Dialer options.

If you are trying to take technical support by dialing a phone number as per international format, make sure you give proper attention on how the Dialing Properties interact with numbers that you have entered in international format:

  • Any call from your side will be treated as a local call if number codes you are using match with the country code and area code concerning the existing dialing location.
  • Any call from your side will be treated as a long-distance call in case only the country codes match.
  • Any call from your side will be treated as an international call if there is no match on the basis of the country code and the area code.

For U.S. calls, it is mandatory to add a “1” before a long-distance call. On the other hand, you need to add “011” before if you are going to make an international call. Keep in mind that you don’t need to enter the 1 or 011 as a part of the phone number if you are making local calls. In the U.S., following are considered as the right entry formats that you can use in order to make phone call to get in touch with Microsoft Outlook professionals that help you fix issues and problems with the email systems. Follow these formats if you are typing or importing them.

  • 11-digits for international phone numbers
  • 10-digits for phone numbers outside the local area code
  • 7-digits for phone numbers inside the local area code


When you import phone numbers using other applications, you are likely to face two common problems:  Basically, they are not found in international format and Outlook rarely recognizes numbers with the right formatting. The first type of problem can be a big headache for you if are a frequent traveler and you don’t have the right dialing properties to function in smooth manner. In such a condition, you have to update the numbers first, before your go for importing the number. In the second option, you have to format the number by editing the number in Outlook.

The mentioned-above description is enough to describe how you can easily contact Outlook support by phone in the least possible time. In case you find it hard to make a safe and successful phone call keeping the factor of time in mind, all you can do is to go through the official website of Outlook email system.

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