Hotmail Support Phone Number is readily dialed for gathering any information about Hotmail, one of the acclaimed email services of Microsoft Corporation. In fact, this email service was bought from Sabeer Bhatia by Microsoft at a cost of $400 million and was later transformed into Outlook mail but still is continuing in the international markets. With support phone number for Hotmail, you have various advantages and one of them is the instant solution for any problem with this mail.

Use of Hotmail support number for the recovery of Hotmail password

On dialing Hotmail support phone number for the recovery of Hotmail password, you are given the detailed instruction by an expert. He will guide you with the steps as follows:

The expert will direct you to a particular link mentioning “Cannot access the account”. This is on the home page of hotmail/Outlook.

You will find other page where you can enter the email id and the Captcha verification code. If the code is not visible, you can click NEW. The Captcha verification is for identity. If the new code does not work, you can tap on the link Audio. Through voice, you get the code. After entering Captcha, you click on next.

To retrieve the hotmail password, you have to choose an option. One of the options is through the alternate email id. Other is through the mobile phone. When you select the mobile phone as option, you will get the verification code at the alternative id. You can verify the code and after that click send code. After this, you can click Next.

If you select the alternate mail for the recovery of Hotmail password, you have to tap on it. You will get the reset link from the Hotmail server on the alternate Id provided by you. After that, you can click on Next. By this method, you get the hotmail password. For any issue, dial hotmail support phone number.

On the hotmail technical support phone number, you will be given certain tips by the expert. Some of the tips are given as under:

  • In the Hotmail account, you have to fix a strong password
  • Before you fix the password, it is important to check the password strength. It is good if you have eight characteristics in the password. If the password is lengthy, this means that the mail is well protected.
  • You need a good antivirus. Because of this, protect both mail as well as the system.
  • There is need of changing the password continually. This is simply for enhancing the security.
  • You should not use the dictionary password because it is easy for the hackers to trace it. These are weak passwords and you have to protect the Hotmail with a strong password.

Hotmail phone number and its availability

You can find the Hotmail phone number readily available on the official websites of service companies. You can see it on the home page as well other pages of Hotmail website. With one or two numbers available, you can deal with hotmail issues like lost password, not able to open the account, mail sending and receiving issues, not able to erase messages that you cannot send, issue about malicious content, connectivity issues of Hotmail with various other mails and more. The Hotmail number is also available on the Outlook website. You can just dial this number to meet an expert from Microsoft.  With certain Hotmail service providers, this number is available 24/7 for use but this case is not for all the service providers in market.

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