Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number can be dialed by all users of Hotmail emailing system from the world’s leading technology giant—Microsoft Corp. It is a frequent feature by Hotmail or Outlook to upgrade and update the email platform with a new look and enhanced performance, security, and reliability. During the upgrade process, it is probable that some customers may face some issues. And all such issues are easy to solve out with a proper communication channel and the same channel comes to you in the form of a toll-free telephone number that takes you to a professional team of technical experts having certification from Microsoft.

Hotmail phone number help center or Hotmail tech support is opened 24/7 for Hotmail users. If you want to know about how to contact Outlook support by phone, simply reach the official website of Outlook to know more about various communication modes and various support types. When you take help from Hotmail troubleshooting support center using a toll-free Outlook customer service phone number, you are supposed to have the best hotmail customer service live person for a hotmail customer service live chat. With this live online chat or phone call, you can get instant and reliable answers to the following queries:

  • How to comprehend hashtags in Hotmail?
  • How to connect files to email messages and calendar events?
  • How to print calendars and emails and calendars in Hotmail?
  • How to re-establish deleted email messages in Hotmail?
  • How to systematize Inbox with Archive, Sweep, and other tools?
  • How to use email in Hotmail on the web?
  • How to manage accounts and people and troubleshoot issues?

When this number is dialed for taking troubleshooting tips for a variety of recent issues on, it helps you get better solutions for the following ones: Hotmail 2012 will not connect to; Hotmail permissions seem to have changed; Hotmail unusual sign-in activity in; Hotmail won’t let me send an email; My shared calendar in Hotmail isn’t synching; Sent email in Hotmail comes back “delivery failed”; Unblock my Hotmail account; and Users don’t receive an email someone sent them.

When it comes to knowing how to contact Hotmail about email problems, you have a number of resources in the form of Hotmail forums, Hotmail community pages, Hotmail support by phone, Hotmail support by email, Hotmail support by live chat, Hotmail technical support help desk, or Hotmail free or paid support service.

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