You can see error no: Ox800CCCOE in the operating system of Microsoft Windows family. The error occurs if there is an issue with Microsoft Outlook Express. It arises out of a conflict with the SMTP servers [simple mail transfer protocol] when one of the programs of Microsoft Outlook Express is being used to read or browse. If you make a gist of the text message the error displays, it indicates a failure in the server. When this error comes, you are not in a position to use mails and files in a proper manner. Other cause worry is that the PC will be slowed down because of this.

 The reason of the error Ox800CCCOE

This error comes because of in-built behavior of Microsoft Outlook Express. When connected to the network, Outlook does not permit the user to send messages to SMTP server. But there is absolutely no need to worry because this error can be fixed. Some of the reasons that are the cause of the error are lack in the network connection, over-sized data files, problem with the POP3 server, indecent setting in the account and invasion of  virus or malware. You have an option to seek support for troubleshooting Outlook connection issues with Comcast server visit Outlook support website to configure Comcast emails in Outlook email client.

Fatal error

Error Ox800CCCOE is classified in the list of fatal errors because of complications associated with it. Such an error can give harm to the system. Because of this error, the crucial data can be eradicated from the Outlook PST file. There could be a crash in the Outlook application. Since this is a server error, customers trying to setup Comcast email account in Outlook must dial to Outlook customer support phone number to verify server settings before setting up the Comcast server in Outlook.

Resolution of error Ox800CCCOE

If you want a solution for this error, the SMTP server has to be set to MSN SMTP server. Although computing skill is not much required for this but for best results, it is important to read the instructions on screen.

You have to go to tools menu and then navigate to accounts. After this, you can click mail tab and select account that is to be changed. Now, you can type a button by the name properties. You have to go to Outgoing mail server section and then choose check box- My server requires authentication. After that, press settings. You can close Outgoing mail server box by clicking Ok button.  For closing mail account properties, you click Ok. To finish account set up, press close.

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