Outlook email client application comes with some interesting apps and features that advance its functionality. Outlook Web Access application an efficient and fully functional email client application that does the best when you are on the go. People with different requirements can optimize the email app in accordance with their requirements – “My Templates” is one among those features that bring in uniqueness in the email application.

But the problem is, unlike Outlook, that it is incapable of creating pre-set templates for sending out responses to the right people.

Outlook allows you to create drafts of dissimilar email messages with the help of a pre-set template – just click one button, and you can send the messages to the right recipients without wasting your time.

If you have to respond to several email messages and you don’t find any accurate and time-saving process to respond the message, “My Templates” comes as the most effective tool with huge benefits.

While using templates in email messages, there is a great possibility to come across some types of common issues. If the problem looks unsolvable, don’t do it yourself. For Outlook support, visit here at Intelli Atlas Inc. and get the problems fixed with increased accuracy.

So if Outlook Web Access (OWA) doesn’t support the feature and you are no longer be able to use it, here are some steps to get in included in the application:

Drafts as templates:

The first thing that you can execute to get templates in your Outlook Web Access is to create a draft using the templates. First of all, you have to sign in to Outlook Web Access, followed by writing a new email message – you don’t need to have recipient’s email address. Just open it up and compose messages what you want your template to say.

You don’t need to label the email message – just write down and save it in the draft folder.

Auto-functional templates:

Another useful thing that you can do is auto-sent while you are out of your office. You don’t need to bother about responding to the email messages with the help of auto-functional templates. This is something that Outlook Web Access supports natively with no nay third party application.

Here are some steps how you can set up the templates:

  • Go to the Options
  • Select the Out of Office radio button
  • Now draft your out-of-office templates
  • Save and close the message

Outlook Web Access templates simply don’t completely available for the users.  You will have to follow the steps mentioned above to make it your own by drafting, or setting up templates. If you encounter any type of technical problem, you better go for Outlook support phone number by dialing Intelli Atlas toll free number.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is an independent technical support company that extends the most accurate technical help to address all types of issues that you may probably come across.

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