MS Outlook 2016 offers a range of features and technological benefits that you can use to make your business communication more interesting. As a survey outlines, average employee sends and receives about 122 messages each day during their business hours – what does it refer to is complex job for them to sort out important emails that require an immediate reply.

To help the users overcome the complexity in managing their emails, Outlook 2016 comes in with a reliable and useful feature termed as conditional formatting in Outlook 2016. It allows the users to streamline the torrent of email messages in such a way that the important emails get noticed first and the users can take an action immediately. But it is all about a proper configuration that you need to apply with the utmost care – visit Outlook support page for help on Outlook 2016 conditional formatting.

Though Microsoft Outlook 2016 support help page and other related platforms do cater some technical support tips to help the users, but that may not be as effective as the same offered by independent technicians, like Intelli Atlas Inc., that offers its quick tech support services for configuration help in Outlook 2016.

To create a conditional formatting rule in Outlook, you will have to go through a set of technical procedures. Here’s the steps mentioned below:

  • Click View and go to the View Settings
  • Click the Conditional Formatting in the Advanced Settings window
  • It opens up a window, click Add Rule and give a name to it
  • Click Font button to make some personalized changes
  • Click OK and close the button

This is how you can set a rule in Outlook 2016 for conditional formatting. In addition, you can also go to the Filter tab and make some changes in accordance with your requirements. With some specific tabs like Messages, More Options, and Advanced in Filter window can help you tweak the setup in accordance with your business requirements. In case of any technical hurdles, dial Microsoft Outlook software support phone number for help on Outlook 2016 to manage overflowing inbox and conditional formatting.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is an independent tech support service provider that is best known for its quick and accurate services. As the service provider pledges to offer the utmost conveniences during the support session, you will find an unfailing toll-free technical help phone number to contact a technician.

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