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Most of the internet users have a love-hate relationship with Outlook email program due to some positive and negative attributes in the email program. Regardless of some good aspects, there are some unnoticed errors and security threats that may end up creating unnecessary irritation and technical hurdles while using the email program. It doesn’t matter how advanced edition of Outlook email you are using, your experience with the program does all depend on the way how you keep it away from some possible technical challenges.

Here are some unnoticed threats that we hardly consider while using the email program, and we would also discuss how the Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates can help you avoid the security threats in your Outlook email. Apart from the 24×7 Microsoft Outlook customer service, the security updates can also be effective in ensuring a flawless email service.

What’s Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Update?

Patch Tuesday is a specific term denoting to the Microsoft’s scheduled patch release. The developer releases security updates or Tuesday Patch on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. It is rolled out to address all sorts of challenges in its operating system software and other program suites like Microsoft Office.

The latest patch was released on July 11, 2017, which was introduced to address all the unnoticed security threats in Microsoft Office suite – Microsoft Outlook is said to be a major beneficiary of the latest patch. With more than 45 security updates, the latest Patch Tuesday is genuinely helpful in resolving some of the irritating technical issues with your Outlook email program.

The next update is scheduled to be rolled out on August 8, 2017.

Unnoticed security threats to your Outlook email program:

Crypto-ransomware: This is a contemporary threat to every email program, which targets the users through a threatening email message and directs them to follow some certain steps on their computer system. It can be termed as a trap that is all aimed at tricking the users.

With the Patch Tuesday updates, you can get rid of such possible threats easily. The recent updates are all empowered with advanced features to help email users keep such malicious elements away from your computer system.

Unauthorized access to your email: Passing through a secure email server doesn’t guarantee that your email account is all protected against all sorts of unauthorized access. The updates create a secure layer for your Outlook email program.

Threats to your access credentials: With the exposure to cyber goons, your access credentials are also at risk if there is no added security to your Outlook email – it can be ensured by installing security patches whenever it is available.

How the Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Update is helpful for Outlook?

It is always necessary to ensure safety and security to your Microsoft Outlook email program. And it becomes somehow more important when you rely on your Outlook email program for your business and personal communication. Check for the updates on your computer system, and install the updates if your Outlook email program is ready to get the updates.

Although there are so many useful options to deal with the technical challenges and security threats in your Outlook email program, however installing Patch Tuesday updates can potentially ensure an all-inclusive protection to your Outlook email program against all the contemporary security threats.

As of the latest Tuesday Patch, about 45 critical and unnoticed security threats have been resolved after installing the security patch.

Technical issues after the updates:

If you look onto some relevant websites and Outlook customer help forum platforms, you would come to know how the users have got some technical difficulties after installing the updates. But with the help of continued Outlook technical support, they have managed to deal with the technical issues immediately without any obstacles.

Here are some common issues that the users have confronted after installing the updates:

  • Unable to use other installed applications
  • Frequently hacking issues in Microsoft Outlook email program
  • Technical hurdles while opening Microsoft Edge
  • Unable to open the program files in Outlook
  • Messages are saved into outbox
  • Unable to download attachments
  • Outlook add-ins are not working appropriately

Apart from these problems, you might also come through some other technical glitches in your Outlook email program after installing the Tuesday Updates. Most of the time, the users have found some irritating issue with Outlook 2010 and 2013 after installing the updates.

According to the users’ complaints, the HTML messages in Outlook were developing such irritating crashing problems. And they have found only HTML messages to be responsible for such instant crashing problems.

But while the issues are all frequent, you will see some sorts of technical symptoms before your Outlook gets plagued with any of the errors mentioned above. If you want to take on the issue effectively in a real time, then you would better approach your Outlook support technician at the moment when you come through any odd symptoms on your Outlook email program. Dial their toll free 24/7 Outlook helpline phone number +1-800-987-2301 to get a direct access to a particular help desk for an immediate support for Outlook from experienced professionals.

What if you fail to install the Patch Tuesday Updates?

Regardless of easy and user-friendly technical steps, the Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates might have some sorts of difficulties and they may stop you from installing the updates on your Outlook email program. This is not a big deal as some of the system-generated reasons may also be stopping you from installing the updates.

But you can keep all these things away from your Outlook email program easily without any additional efforts. Apart from the official Microsoft Outlook help desk, you can also try out some independent professionals who offer their expertise to help the users in dealing with all sorts of technical issues whatever they come through while using the email program.

Independent technicians have a dedicated remote support mechanism that includes all the advanced Outlook repair tools, which you can use to neutralize the problems without any difficulties.

In addition, you can also ensure an all-time protection against such technical obstacles by approaching an experienced technician for helping you in installing the updates. If you don’t understand the technical procedures involved in such updates, then you would better find out a reliable professional and ask him to help you in downloading the security patch.

Why choose Independent Outlook professionals over the official techies:

There are so many genuine reasons why you should prefer independent professionals over the official techies. When comparing the technical expertise and tools of independent professionals with those of the officials, you would see some impressive outcomes. They are available round the clock through their unfailing Microsoft Office help phone number +1-800-987-2301 – whenever you approach the technician, he/she would be providing you with an immediate assistance.

Although conveniences and easiness are two key at the independent Microsoft helpdesk, you need to make sure that you don’t select a technician randomly. Check out each and every aspect carefully before you visit Outlook website at https://support.office.com/en-us/outlook for help and support from certified Microsoft Outlook technicians. Make sure the selected professional can offer you the best possible solution without any obstacles.

Though some common issues in Outlook email program are all fixable easily by simply doing some basic things such as rebooting your computer system, restarting Outlook email program, updating the program, etc. but it cannot prevail for always. If you believe a small symptom would not be carrying any sorts of challenging problems for your Outlook email program, then you must revisit your opinion as even a small symptom can have some challenging problems in your Outlook email program. You should consider every symptom carefully if you don’t want to confront any sorts of issue.

Find out a perfect and certified independent professional for a reliable Microsoft Outlook help guide in right away and keep all kinds of Outlook issues at bay. Instead approaching a technician, you would better keep backing up your Outlook .pst files to a safe location so as to ensure a flawless performance in your Outlook email program. On the other hand, a continued update for your Outlook email program can also protect the program against some certain common problems.

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