Outlook not responding error is no longer new to the Outlook users—it is known to be one of the most common and unexpected Outlook problems. Although the issue can easily be avoided by optimizing and speeding up its performance time to time, however there is a huge possibility of facing the error every now and then even though you keep updating and maintaining its tools and features.

So, what if you keep witnessing an error “Outlook not Responding” on your computer screen? There has always been a reliable Outlook help and support service to fix Outlook email problems in a real time from different Microsoft Outlook email troubleshooting centers, including the official Outlook support center through a toll-free outlook support number.

While browsing internet in search of solutions for how to fix Outlook email problems, you may come through so many Outlook troubleshooting tutorials at But before you start implementing Microsoft Outlook problem solving methods, you would better get through the reasons why Microsoft Outlook email not working or not responding properly. Or you may also contact outlook support to find solutions to “how to fix my Outlook email”.

Some technical causes have been identified to be culprits for causing the unexpected error:

  • Installed Add-in programs might be causing technical errors
  • Outlook might be loading images or other external contents
  • Outlook data files might have got corrupted or damaged
  • User profile may be corrupted
  • There might be incompatibility error
  • Another installed programs might be conflicting with Outlook

Similarly, as the issue doesn’t have any advanced reason, the Microsoft Outlook email troubleshooting process doesn’t have any advanced techniques, instead of some exceptional condition when Outlook mail troubleshooting may require you to implement some advanced procedures.

As mentioned, you have a number of options to find solutions to the question “how to resolve Outlook issues.” Apart from the official Outlook customer service support center, you may also avail of the independent Outlook help and support accessible through Outlook tech support phone number to fix the Outlook connectivity problems.


The Outlook technical support to fix Outlook not responding error is categorically implemented on the email program so as to make sure the technical tips are being used very exactly for troubleshooting Outlook email program. If your Outlook is not responding to your request or it is stuck at the startup screen, then you must be careful while using any Microsoft Outlook support solution to troubleshoot Outlook not responding error as it may hurt your email program in a different way as well.

You would better go for a reliable Outlook customer service support service to ensure a flawless Microsoft outlook email troubleshooting. Here are some technical steps that you can consider when your Microsoft Outlook 2007 stopped working:

  • Install the latest update for Outlook
  • Check if Outlook is not using other features— Outlook stuck at loading profile also because the email program might be using AutoArchive or Sync feature
  • Stop Outlook from downloading external contents like HTML files or images
  • Identify and remove the problematic add-in programs from Outlook
  • Reduce the size of your mailbox by removing unnecessary files
  • Use Inbox repair tool to scan the data files and fix the issues
  • Update the anti-malware programs running on your Outlook email

You might also go for other advanced solutions when Outlook freezes or hangs at the startup profile. The Outlook support tips mentioned above can also be implemented for some other similar issues such as: Outlook does not send emails, Microsoft outlook not receiving emails, Outlook 2016 not responding in Windows 10 PC, and others.

When you dial Outlook customer service phone number to fix Microsoft Office error codes, you might see so many different Outlook problems & solutions options being offered from technicians—you would better choose a reliable one based on the technical preferences.


Many of the moment, the “Outlook is not responding” error may possibly take place due to the connectivity issue. There might be problems in connecting to Outlook from internet or server due to one or other reasons. Consequently, there are some specific Outlook premium support services to fix Outlook connectivity problems.

You would better call Microsoft Outlook support at a reliable Outlook technical support center to fix Outlook connection problems. Here are some technical tips to troubleshoot outlook connectivity issues reliably without any obstacles:

If you have Outlook 2010 or newer edition, then follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Click on the Send/Receive Tab
  • Find the Work Offline button
  • Click the Offline

Now you can proceed to troubleshoot connection issues in Outlook:

  • Rebuild the data files
  • Repair the installation files
  • Repair your user profile

Here all the three steps pointed out should always be handled under an expert supervision. If you have some critical data files or email messages, then don’t avoid approaching Outlook online support for a reliable and effective solution to fix Outlook email problems. Contact Microsoft outlook tech support phone number and get an immediate Microsoft outlook contact help from the experts.

Sometimes, the error may also take place due to the Exchange Server connection problem in Outlook—you would better find an expert Outlook Express troubleshooting help from a reliable helpdesk by dialing Outlook 800 support phone number.


There is no need to worry if your Outlook has stopped working or there is a problem in sending or receiving messages. You can get rid of it immediately by approaching an experienced professional. Call Microsoft Outlook support and get an instant solution to resolve the error.

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