Users of Microsoft’s Windows 8-style Outlook Web App (OWA app) for iOS might have a better idea of how embarrassed the OWA is. With the release of Microsoft’s Outlook app for iOS, which is based on the Accompli app, many Outlook users feel delighted rejoiced until they actually used the Outlook app. Some users find the same app Outlook for iOS not good as was taken as an incomplete release. The Outlook for iOS UI is to a great extent cleaner than the OWA app’s UI, which was known for its clunky Windows 8 design. The major problem with the new release is that its text is too small for many people with no settings to change the size of the text. As Outlook doesn’t put weight on iOS’s Text Size settings, it is likely that people over 40 need reading glasses to utilize Outlook on even a full-size iPad. But there is Outlook technical support center that can help users overcome issues of text size settings.

With the new release, the assessment of Outlook email accounts as well as folders is also complicated. To do the job of navigation, you need to rely on an Android-style hover menu needed extra efforts than the simple “go back a pane” approach of Apple Mail. The pros of the release are its easy filters that display emails with unread messages or attachments or unread messages. Moreover, Apple Mail has additional smart filters, but Outlook users need to set them up by themselves. Outlook users who want to enjoy plus features of the email client with easy filters can opt for Intelli Atlas Outlook support. This support has been specially designed in order to help Microsoft users resolve all technical issues with the mail client through remote tech assistance at an affordable price tag.’ Intelli Atlas is a 3rd party and independent tech support service providing company for Microsoft products, services, and brands.

The OWA app is constrained to Office 365 subscribers only. The Outlook app allows Outlook users right access to any Exchange server and popular email services as well. In Apple’s native Mail app, you can’t set up email for other POP or IMAP accounts. With the setting up of accounts, Outlook easily connects users with email, calendars, and contacts. Surprisingly, it doesn’t support tasks or notes. Outlook also lets you set up cloud storage access for cloud storage options, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Some of the storage options have auto establishment ability.

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