Microsoft has introduced an add-in for its Outlook email program and it is all aimed at protecting the Outlook users against the malicious elements. Over the last few years, the Outlook users have seen some types of malicious emails from unknown senders. Based on the constant complaints and users’ feedback, the developer has introduced a robust add-in for the email program.

What is RansomSaver add-in?

RansomSaver application has been rolled out for the Outlook email program at the backdrop of continuous malware attack through the email messages. Though the application has been introduced as an Outlook add-in program, it will come integrated with the email program whenever you install it on your computer system.

The key functionality of the add-in program is to scan the email messages and check out whether the email message has any Ransomware. And it can remove the message or attachment if any malicious elements have been detected.

Some of the users believe it ineffective because of its functionalities—they might be right as the add-in doesn’t perform any advanced procedure. But it is quite challenging for an individual to stop the malware elements manually. It is necessary to have a program or tool that can automatically scan and detect the email messages.

RansomSaver and its functionality:

When it comes to the functionality and program support, it appears with a simple and user-friendly functionality. You can easily enable or disable the program in your Outlook email program. It is easily accessible through the toolbar as you can use the add-in to your Outlook email from here.

In addition to it, the technical support for Outlook email can help you resolve all types of technical problems experienced while using the email program. You should never worry if the add-in is not detecting any Ransomware email messages—you can find out a reliable Outlook tech support from the experts in a real time.

RansomSaver is aimed at fulfilling two key activities—detecting the potential threat and deleting the same if there is any Ransomware element in your Outlook email messages.

Email is the most potential gateway for the malicious programs—the attackers can easily exploit the option to allow irritating and harmful Ransomware messages in your Outlook. You must be careful and aware of such things if you don’t want to allow any harmful and malicious messages to march into your computer system.

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