Social media is one of the communication networks that let you connect with your friends and colleagues. You can spend your quality time there by connecting with the people who matters the most to you. Facebook is one of the best social networking platforms which allow you to post photos, chat, play games, notes, and enjoy other options. In addition, Twitter is built for posting short character messages. These are the two most well-liked social networks in the world. But now, you can also avail few features of social media on your Outlook. You can download Outlook on your personal computer system and can get amazing social media features. For receiving the technical guidance, you can dial Microsoft Outlook tech support service phone number.

Microsoft professionals declared that they are bringing in-demand features for Outlook email inbox. Outlook users can like particular emails and also @Mention their colleagues and friends. To use mentions, users should simply add the @ symbol in the body of an email. This will help them in bringing up their frequent contacts. As a feature gets updated in users Outlook, they will see a thumb up icon at the top of email which they are reading. Moreover, users will be able to leer which messages they have previously liked. An email application will also send users a notification if someone likes their emails in Outlook. Users should visit Outlook support service page for Outlook email issues and problems.

@Mentions option is useful in posting longer chain messages for pulling someone’s attention. Users simply need to type the @ symbol and then Outlook will provide a list of their frequent contacts. Outlook users can pick a name and later on they’ll get a notification in their inbox. Tagging somebody in an email conversation will automatically add them to the list of recipients. The option of ‘Like’ an email is available for Office 365 users. Users who are using Office 365 can see the Likes and mentions features in Outlook in few days.

Outlook on the web for Office 365 corporate users can add ‘Likes’ and @Mentions to their likeable emails. In case users confront any technical assistance while using like button, they can directly contact a third party technical support provider. Intelli Atlas, an independent tech assistance provider, offers Outlook online technical help. You can bank upon the company’s services for having unlimited computer and hardware support. Here, you will get accurate IT solutions at a right price. Intelli Atlas has different assistance plans addressing your IT needs. Call the company today for having further technical guidance.

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