It has been more than one year when Microsoft for the first time introduced its Outlook app for iOS and Android so as to enhance Outlook experience across the platforms, including providing a top-notch support for Office attachments in Outlook email client application.

Today, more than 30 million people are keenly using the application on their hand-held devices. And because of its high-class performance and technological benefits, the application remains on the top notch among the most productive and best-performing email client applications.

Going back to its inception, the new Outlook email application is essentially an advanced form of Acompli that Microsoft had owned two years ago. Microsoft made a promise to its users to upgrade and enhance the application so that it could meet the modern day challenges.

Over the period, the application has witnessed a huge applaud from its users. But due to some common and persistent technical errors, the users suffered their work. Fortunately, they could overcome the problems with the help of expert Outlook support team for Android users.

New features for Android and iOS:

Putting aside the problems what users experienced, the updated Outlook for iOS and Android has included some exciting features and applications:

Calendar Integration

Calendar integration in the new application allows you to link some of your preferred events to your email so as to stay informed about your appointments.

There may be some sorts of problems while integrating calendar with your Outlook email application. But it is impermanent problem as you can have a reliable support for outlook from certified technicians.

Highlighting search items

When you use Outlook to search a particular item, the tool will highlight the search items in results. This is believed to be an important feature that you can use to locate your information more quickly and easily.

Easy to set Skype call and group chat

Outlook now allows the users to add a Skype Call, so their addressees can just hit on the Skype link and start calling facility.

The whole objective of pushing regular update to Outlook for Android and iOS is all about enhancing users’ experience. In addition, the latest calendar integration is ascertained to empower the users to take complete control over their calendar appointments. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook technical support from third party technicians has also brought in impressive benefits to the users who can now stay at arm’s length by avoiding all types of potential errors.

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