What would be your reaction at the moment when you come to know that some technical issues have plagued your Outlook email account and you are not able to do the basic things on your Outlook email? This must be a matter of grave worry for all Outlook users who hardly can walk a step without the help of their email program. So, as usual, every user starts trying to find out some technical solutions to get rid of the issue immediately. Though most of the technical issues in Outlook are fixed simply by rebooting the computer system and restarting the email program, but there are some irritating issues that would never go if you don’t implement any advanced technical tips on your Outlook email program.

Loosing access to your Outlook email or having some of your Outlook data files damaged due to the technical obstacles can be a complete adversity in terms of your productivity. If you don’t want to ensure the same, you would better go for a reliable Microsoft Outlook support service in a real time and ask the technicians to help you get rid of such conditions immediately.

Unlike official techies, some independent professionals are extending their expertise to help Outlook users in such conditions with their round-the-clock technical help mechanism for Outlook email. In addition, you don’t need to worry about any sorts of unnecessary procedures before accessing a technician – the independent ones can be accessed instantly using their toll free Outlook support phone number +1-888-735-9847, including other interactive channels like Microsoft live chat support.

Common errors in Outlook email and their effective workarounds:

Problem 1:

Performance issue: Sometimes, if you don’t update your Outlook email program, it starts running slowly. It takes so many times in uploading and downloading attachments in your email messages. Since the issue is quite common with the Outlook email program, you can have an all-round solution to deal with it.

How to speed up its performance:

There are so many technical procedures to speed up the performance of your Outlook email program. But you don’t need to implement all those steps – choose some particular procedures and take on them step-by-step to get rid of immediately.

First of all, you need to narrow down the number of .pst files in your Outlook. Unnecessary burden of the files on your Outlook email program may potentially slow down the speed of your Outlook. Remove unnecessary files and create a backup copy of those that would be helpful in days to come.

Secondly, it comes to ensuring whether your Outlook email program has the latest security patch. Microsoft keeps rolling out security patches every so often to help the users stay away from all sorts of technical challenges easily.

Furthermore, identify Outlook add-ins that stands out useless for your day-to-day email communication. Some of the add-ins has been termed to be damaging for the email program by the experts.

And lastly, you need to check out the Outlook RSS feeds. Though the feature appears out to be a great tool for the business communication, however a small issue with the tool may end up creating some additional problems. It is set up in your Outlook email with some pre-configured feeds, which may not be helpful for you in some circumstances. You may disable the tool for a better and faster performance of your Outlook email program.

Problem 2:

Sometimes your Outlook email doesn’t close: It can really be an irritating problem for a regular user as when he/she finds that the Outlook email program is not getting closed due to some unknown reasons. In addition, you would hardly encounter any sorts of error codes and symptoms when your email program is not closing. You may go for the following steps in such conditions.

How to resolve the issue:

First of all, open the Task Manager window and stop the running program by selecting Outlook and clicking on the End Task option. Though your Outlook email stops running after closing down the application from the Task Manager window, however, you should never stop your effort.

First of all, you can repair the corrupted .pst files in your Outlook email program – sometimes a corrupt file may also have an adverse impact on the overall functionality of your Outlook email program. Here, at this stage, don’t forget to ask your technicians to take care of your data files as the procedure may damage other elements as well. Though the independent Microsoft Outlook help centers do have some sorts of advanced tools and techniques to deal with it, however check out every key element before you ask an independent professional to help you in such conditions.

Secondly, you may go for repairing your Outlook profile, if the above procedures don’t work out properly.

Problem 3:

Unable to find out where the data files are stored in Outlook: Your Outlook data files are combined with your email attachments, contacts, calendar information, and messages. And they all are stored in a dedicated folder. But sometimes, you are not able to find out the folder wherein your Outlook data files are saved, due to some technical problems. And such issues take place at the moment when you update your Microsoft Outlook email program.

How to resolve the irritating problem:

Outlook data files are stored in a single .pst file format. Generally, it is spotted through a simple procedure: choose File > Data File Management; it will open up a window having details of the stored information.

If you don’t see your personal details in this window, you would better contact Microsoft Outlook help for Outlook technical support for real-time assistance from certified technicians from Microsoft technical team for Office.

Problem 4:

Outlook .pst files are corrupted: This is one of the most common issues with Outlook email. Your data files saved in .pst format may have some malicious elements or they may get corrupted due to some technical errors over the period. But you must not worry at all, as some of the technical solutions available with independent professionals can repair all the damaged files easily.

How to repair the damaged .pst files:

If you take care of your Outlook data files, then the issue can always be avoided easily. When the file size of your Outlook .pst files go beyond the recommended capacity of 2 GB, the possibility of getting your Outlook data files corrupted becomes somehow more applicable.

Therefore, you would better keep backing up the data files to a safe location so that the limit for your Outlook data files is not crossed any more.

Coming to the repairing process, you can make the best use of inherent Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool for fixing the damaged .pst files in your Outlook email program.

It is said to be the perfect tool for such issue, however, if it doesn’t work out, then try it again and again. Sometimes, the tool may take some hours in repairing the damaged data files.

Problem 5:

Data redundancy and duplicity issue: In Outlook email program, users are finding duplicate messages contacts, calendar tasks very irritating as they cause unnecessary inconveniences to the users. Though the issue doesn’t involve any sorts of critical technical reasons, however you should always find out a certified Outlook technician for an immediate and effective resolution.

How to get rid of the duplicate contacts in Outlook:

Here once again, you will have to make use of a third-party repair tool, named as Outlook duplicate item remover, and resolve all types of data redundancy problems in your Outlook email. In addition to it, some independent professionals do also have such types of dedicated Microsoft repair tool to help you in resolving such irritating problems easily.

Problem 6:

Incompatibility issues with Gmail account: Microsoft Outlook allows you to integrate your other email accounts in your Outlook as well. It is technically a seamless platform that does hardly create any issue with other email account. But there has been a persistent incompatibility issue with Gmail account due to some technical issues.

But with some effective technical procedures, you can use your Gmail in your Outlook flawlessly – it’s never a challenging task to deal with.

How to resolve the incompatibility problems between your Outlook and Gmail:

Firstly, it is necessary to use your Gmail as a POP account for the Outlook integration, and it requires you to make some changes in its settings. To do so, you need to go to the settings in Gmail and click POP/IMAP to enable the email account as POP for all email messages. At any point of time you can choose to contact official Outlook technical support at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus to get help on enable POP or IMAP options for Outlook and Gmail.

Secondly, you will have to make sure how you want to deal with the incoming messages in your Gmail account. Whether you want to store the copy of your mails in the inbox, remove them, or to archive you. Once you change the settings, click Save Changes.

So, after making your Gmail a POP account for the Outlook account, you can now instruct or set up your Gmail account in accordance with your Outlook account.

These are some common issues and their solutions that ensure a complete protection against all sorts of technical problems with your Outlook email program. Contact Microsoft email support and keep your Outlook away from all sorts of issues without any obstacles.

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