Email is the main mode of communication at work in today’s era. Maximum numbers of customers prefer Microsoft Outlook over Gmail. Microsoft Outlook (personal information management software) provides some attractive features for managing meetings, e-mail, and contacts without any hassle. If you are using Outlook in your daily official life, then it is vital to make the most of its features adequately. Working on Outlook is not a daunting task, but in order to become Outlook expert, you need to know the best method to increase its productivity. This way, you can save you time, by learning few tips and tricks technically. If you want further information regarding Outlook tips for increasing productivity, then you need to contact phone support number for Outlook.

Mainly new Outlook users confront technical issues while using the Outlook software. For improving their Outlook experience, Microsoft is offering a few expert tips, these includes:

  • Easily sort your mail with conditional and rules formatting option

If a user selects a message before clicking, then he or she can create a rule affecting similar messages.

  • Filter emails to find relevant messages

You need to choose menu option filters, to see an only certain specific type of emails, within an exact time period.

  • Automate recurrent tasks with speedy steps

If you are tired of forwarding an email to your boss, then you can save your time by clicking on quick steps option.

  • Ignore useless email

You need to select “Junk e-mail options”, which permits you to delete a useless message in your inbox.

  • Tracking group messages

If Outlook users have received bulk email, then they can easily track down relevant messages as per your choice.

  • Create appointments and new emails

Users can create appointments, new emails, and contacts by using the new items dropdown on the Home tab.

  • Need to create a folder for general searches

You can always search for the current folder by typing the search field.

  • Write a note for future reference

If you don’t want to share your message immediately to your client, then you can click on delay delivery option.

  • Quick Parts to save time for repeated typing

If you regularly need to write out a standard passage of text, you can save it as a Quick Part for easy insertion into your emails.

  • Easily sync Google calendar with your Outlook

You need to move your mouse over your calendar option, then click on the dropdown and select on calendar settings.

  • Encrypted your email

Users can encrypt the text, so that only particular recipients can read them.

  • Access your personal email within Outlook

In order to add a personal mailbox to Outlook, you need to go to the File tab.  After that, click add account.

  • Post-it notes option

Need to Press Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new note.

  • Time zones option

You can fix your time for your meeting by choosing your local time zone option.

  • Successfully manage read receipts

Users can easily manage read receipts messages by selecting the Mail view option.

  • Automatically wipe out unnecessary messages

Save your space in your email by using clean up tool in Outlook 2010

  • Easily send instant text messages

Outlook helps in sending SMS text messages to users’ contacts.

In case you want additional tips and tricks for the best Outlook productivity, then you can dial on a customer support phone number for Outlook.

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