Microsoft Outlook Cached Exchange Mode allows users to smoothly work offline and online with the Mailbox Information. Therefore, it allows users to access a mail, address book, calendar, and other Outlook information via a cache file and an Offline Folder OST file. It is preeminent to allow Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 to generate the preliminary cache files including the OST file, but it can be a sluggish method if users have large mailboxes and slow network connections.

What actually OST file is?

An OST file is an offline folder file in Outlook program. By using this file, it’s possible for the user to work offline and then to coordinate changes with the Exchange server the next time they connect. The ability to work offline is useful in environments with limited or unreliable connectivity.

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 To create an initial OST file

  • Login as admin in Outlook 2013 workstation. The admin account should have the authorization to open the mailbox of the user for whom you plan to create the initial OST file.
  • Remove all open Outlook profiles in Control Panel, and then tap on the Mail icon.
  • In the default folder location, delete files of the user for Outlook OST files.
  • Make a new Outlook profile for the user you are creating the initial OST file.
  • After the new profile is created, start Microsoft Outlook and wait for the mailbox to synchronize it.
  • Finally, exit Outlook and you can copy this initial OST file on any computer where the user logs on in order to configure his Outlook profile.

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To use the initial OST file on the remote user’s computer:

  • Login to the user’s computer as the user but not as admin.
  • Copy the OST File you created in the previously-discussed steps.
  • Next, confirm that the Outlook OST files are in the right location.
  • In Control Panel settings, click Mail and then click E-mail Accounts. Click on change existing e-mail accounts and in advanced tab click Offline Folder File Settings. Verify that the name and the path of the OST file shown in File is
  • Finally, start Outlook. When Outlook starts with the new OST file, a connection to the Exchange server is obligatory to authenticate that the user approves the OST file.

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