Mobile is passionately a popular topic in email design, which helps users to open emails on their mobile devices. The demand of these email responsive mobiles has grown by more than 400% since 2011, and the usage of mobile email has crossed the 50% mark in 2013. If you talk about how important mobile has become to email marketers and the need to optimize campaigns for mobile audiences, then read out the complete piece of writing and know more about the email responsive mobiles. But it’s not clear yet which strategy actually works the best for mobile users.

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To make things more clear, many marketers are confused about what strategies are actually important for them. The mobile email design is roughly broken down into three categories:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Scalable Design
  3. Fluid Design

To know which aspect of the email design is more responsive and appreciated by the users while opening the mail in Outlook, marketers select the approach that best suits their requirements. It’s imperative to understand the differences between these three above listed approaches. For more information about mobile responsive features, you can simply visit Outlook support site to learn how Outlook offers better responsiveness to mobile users with the help of expert technicians.

Correctly, Outlook is rendering email across a variety of devices. Howsoever, Gmail looks different than Outlook and Hotmail in many aspects, and it undergoes a different process. While creating mobile-friendly emails, it’s vital to memorize that your device and client device are not same. For example, on an iPhone, there are numerous different email client applications and browsers which can be used to open email easily, but in other devices the applications are limited.

Many developers prefer to send their customers plain text email. This plain text has many benefits, like they can be easily created, downloads quickly and much more.

If you are sending HTML emails from your Outlook account, then there are a number of advantages:

  • You can simply link out to landing pages from an HTML email.
  • This email process allows you to track, open and engage valuable data that can be used to optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Lets you reinforce your brand, even in the inbox.

With these mobile responsive services, it now easy to track and open interactions in your emails, and offer an immense opportunity to provide your customers an amazing user experience.

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