Several people, particularly those who belong to the business world, look forward to ensuring the utmost protection to their important Outlook data files. They want to ensure that the data and information is not exposed to any unauthorized intruder.

Fortunately, Outlook offers a powerful feature that you can use to ensure protection to your important information like calendar items, messages, attachments, and others. If you need help on how to protect Outlook data files more effectively, you should seek for instant technical support for Outlook offered by third party technicians.

And if you are already on Microsoft Exchange – which is commonly used by businesses – then you don’t need to create a password for some documents and information, as protection to your data is highly guaranteed by Microsoft Exchange itself. Moreover, you don’t need to create a password for every folder in .pst file, once you create the password for the same.

Messages or data that you receive through your Outlook email, they get stored in .pst file on the computer’s hard drive. And it is created for every user who uses the same system and they can set password to protect the data files. So if you are looking forward to ensure protection to your important information, then you would better contact Outlook technical support team or visit here for Outlook support phone number.

Here is how you can create password for your Outlook data files:

  • Go through File Menu > Data File Management > Account Settings
  • Select Data files tab and go to the .pst files
  • Click settings
  • Click Change Password
  • Provide a new password in the New Password box (note – the password should be of 15 characters and case sensitive)
  • Type your password again in the Verify Password box
  • Click Save and close the window

This is how you can create a password for your important Outlook data files. But make sure, you password is not as poor as everyone can guess. It should contain numbers, symbols, lowercase, and uppercase letters. To protect Outlook data file with a password, visit Outlook support web page for help and technical assistance and make sure you have followed a right process.

Today, you have some good options in form of independent Microsoft Outlook technical support technicians who can help you to get rid of all types of technical hurdles while either protecting or managing your Outlook data files.

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